Mapping independent European Documentary: A Digital Summit

Happy Zoom Faces

We invite you to participate in a two-day summit for European and neighboring non-fiction associations, guilds and networks. 

Hi Friends,

All year we’ve been organizing networking and knowledge transfer events for you, as well as working hard to provide you with goodies, discounts, special deals and collaborations. 

However, one of our core goals; advocating and lobbying on our members’ behalf for the best conditions for documentary education, financing and distribution hasn’t begun yet. 

So this December, we’d like to get to know you better. We are inviting all documentary guilds, associations and networks active on a national level to present their work to us and each other. A great way to catch up also after a tremendously difficult year.

Save the date!: 16 & 17 December 2020.

Curious to know more? See below and email brigid@dae-europe.org for more information.

Enjoy your rest now IDFA is drawing to a close!

Brigid & Marion

Mapping Independent European Documentary Summit Details

Give a keynote on your region’s opportunities, activities and challenges:

  • Documentary associations, guilds and networks are invited to present themselves and their activities in 20 minute presentations. These will be transcribed and shared as a narrative report and used a basis for lobbying and advocacy. Results will be presented at the first GA in February.

Get inspired and network with your colleagues:

  • Time will be also reserved for networking and private conversation. We hope this will be a chance for deep-level exchange on best practices and common struggles. 

Why participate:

  • Documentary Association of Europe wants to amplify and multiply the good work you’re already doing on a European and international level. To do this in an efficient and effective way, common goals must be established that are beneficial for all across the European Union and our neighboring markets. To establish common ground we must know you and your concerns. DAE can’t work on a national or regional level: we want to support your work and professionals in your region with a united and loud voice. Furthermore, we want to share and celebrate best practices inside the network. We can’t wait to get to know you.

Upcoming Documentary Events

European Documentary Day:

  • Berlin International Human Rights Film Forum presents a programme dedicated to all things documentary! Meet DAE November 29 & 30! We’ll be discussing the future of documentary and why we believe in networks. Check it out here.

Women Make Film Masterclass:

  • Screenings, masterclasses, discussions and workshops. All free and onlineNovember 30 & December 1.

Film Marketing and Publicity Without Meeting People:

  • Members and friends IDF – Institute of Documentary Film are organizing regular Wednesday discussions and the next one is on the topic of marketing and publicity in this changing world. Featuring the oh-so-clever Mirjam Wiekenkamp and Xavier-Henry Rashid. Tune in to Facebook Live! December 2, 18:00 UTC+1.

In the news:

  • Marion & Brigid were interviewed for the IDFA Daily here.
  • If you’re a documentary consultant and you would like to join our directory, please complete the form here.

Don’t forget:

Here is a link to the audiofile from our launch and our code of conduct.
Check out photos from our launch and sign up to the network today.