Frequently Asked Questions

Basic Information / Sign Up Process

DAE is a membership association for documentary professionals from inside and outside of Europe. Joining not only gives you access to the ever-growing community of fellow members but also year-round activities; special offers and discounts to industry-related festivals and markets; exclusive member-only events and other great deals.

Everyone working professionally in documentary storytelling professions and film students become a DAE member. Our members range from students, first-time filmmakers to veteran producers and sales agents to film festivals, documentary associations and broadcasters.

Absolutely yes!

DAE is for everyone from inside and outside of Europe, and we don’t care what passport you hold.

Yes! DAE works for everyone working in the documentary storytelling professions, see above. A big part of our job is lobbying and advocating for the best conditions to make documentaries. Producers are an important part of this, but we are working to nourish everyone. This includes joining as an institution: e.g. sales companies, film schools and universities, film institutes, archives, festivals etc.

Unfortunately not (yet).
DAE is a professional association and as per our statute we can only accept professionals as members. We plan to introduce a friends scheme in the future that will be open to non-professionals.

You can join individually or as a company/organisation. We have four different types of memberships: student, single, small and medium to large. You can find an overview of all types here. If you have trouble deciding what kind of membership is right for you and your organisation contact us.

If you become a DAE member your membership is not limited to an expiry date. Every year we will invoice your membership fee.

The membership can be cancelled three months before your annual renewal in writing by e-mail to info@dae-europe.org with the subject line Discontinuing My Membership.

DAE is an independent member-driven network that is almost 100% financed by membership fees. Most of our consultants and staff work as volunteers or for small fees. Your fees contribute to keeping the association liquid to do its most essential work. We try to keep membership fees as modest as possible.

We also have special deals and discounts (e.g. discount on your IDFA or Marché du film badges, fee waivers for the IDA awards) for members only to help you recoup your membership fee.

We understand that Europe isn’t an even playing field and that sometimes special circumstances can interrupt our industry. We try to calculate our membership fee modestly as possible, but if you can’t afford your fee, please contact us at info@dae-europe.org, and we’ll find a solution together.

You can apply for a DAE membership here. Please select your membership option and fill out the respective form, accept the terms and conditions and the privacy policy and hit the Sign up button.

Click on Membership and select your respective registration form (student, single, small, medium to large membership). Fill in all the information necessary. Enter your code in the field “Coupon Code” and press enter to validate the discount.

Your next membership fee will automatically be deducted in 12 months. That’s why you’ll be asked to select a payment method, although the discount applied.

Please choose a payment method for the next term. Please inform us info@dae-europe.org with the subject line “Discontinuing My Membership” should you not wish to renew your membership.

How to use the members area

You can find the login button in the right corner of our menu bar above. Use your email address or username for the login and your password.

If yes, request a new one here.

Account Information

You can request a new one here.

Under the “Home” tab are your account details. These details are only visible to you and us, and used for administrative purposes only. Please always keep your registered business name and billing address up to date.

The information in your “Profile” will be featured in the Members Directory. They are visible to all logged-in members. By adding or deleting information you can control what you want to share with fellow DAE members.

No. Your contact details in your home settings are separated from your profile settings. It’s up to you whether or not you would like to share your contact details with our community. If you do not want to share your contact details don’t add them to your profile settings.

The Members Directory is a list of all DAE members including profession, name of company/organisation, contact information, biography and links to social media accounts. The list can be searched and filtered according to your needs, and you can download your search results in different formats.

Please log in and go to your account settings. Please navigate to the profile tab and change all information you want here. Don’t forget to hit save before logging out.


No, you don’t need to renew your subscription every year. Your membership is valid for 12 months from the date of payment and renews automatically.

The membership can be cancelled three months before expiry in writing by e-mail to info@dae-europe.org with the subject line Discontinuing My Membership. You can technically cancel your subscription in your log-in area under the “Subscription” tab at any time, however to validate the cancellation of your DAE membership we need to receive it in writing and within the notice period.

Sub-Account Management

To add your sub-memberships please register first. Once subscribed the registration process for your designated sub-members is enabled. In order to redirect them to our registration page you can find a unique Sign Up URL in your profile that you can share with them.

All sub-accounts are visible in your account settings. Please log in first to get an overview.


You can find your invoice details once logged in to your account under the “Payment” tab

You can change your invoice address in your account under the “Home” tab. If you have problems please contact us at info@dae-europe.org.

If your transaction failed please contact us at info@dae-europe.org and we will find a solution.