Code of Conduct

The Documentary Association of Europe acts and speaks on behalf of professionals working with non-fiction storytelling in Europe and abroad.  Professionals working in all fields associated with documentary filmmaking are welcome to join the network. People are our first concern and our understanding of Europe is very broad: neighbors and like-minded professionals from beyond the European Union are welcome to join DAE.

DAE is guided by the same principles at the heart of many documentaries: committed to understanding the world in its multifaceted complexity, respecting linguistic, ethnic, religious and social diversity, working towards a more inclusive and balanced industry and, by extension, society. Crises such as freedom of speech and climate change will not be ignored by the association or its members, who will always work towards a more equal and sustainable distribution of resources, planting both metaphorical and actual seeds for the next generations.

The board and management of DAE, currently mostly working on a volunteer basis, pledge to offer their members radical transparency and support a forthcoming, frank and open exchange on all matters pertaining to the organisation, including its financial and operational status. Information can be requested by members at any time in writing.

Finally, hate speech, bigotry and discrimination in any form will not be tolerated by members, the board or its manangement, organisations associated with members or from within the association itself. DAE comes to usher in a new generation and era of storytelling while protecting audiovisual heritage and respecting the contributions of those who came before.