DAE & 40+ European Organisations Object to Changes to Creative Europe Support for Documentaries

We welcome the opening of the calls, but the particularities of documentary production and distribution have not been taken into account for the new Creative Europe programme.

Hi Friends,

Over the last week, DAE together with many European documentary and other producer and author associations, networks, guilds have worked together to make a statement pointing out the sharp decline in support for creative documentaries by the European Commission following the adoption by the Parliament of the multi-annual financial framework 2021-2027 for the new MEDIA programme. Nor does the new programme recognise or benefit small AV output countries, who make enormous contributions to our industry.

You can read the full statement from DAE and 40+ other organisations here in English, French and German.

DAE plans to organise a townhall meeting for any other concerned industry professionals in the coming weeks. If you have concerns or ideas to share you can reach out to us at info@dae-europe.org

We hope to have a fruitful and productive conversation on this subject and that our wish for change will be met with a receptive spirit from our colleagues in Brussels. Furthermore, we extend our thanks for the quick mobilisation of the many signatories. Please feel free to download and share these statements in your network.

Have a great end to the week all!

Brigid & Marion

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