Welcome to DAE

Hi everyone!

At our launch in Berlin 22.02., we felt so excited and optimistic for the upcoming spring festival season. We thought we would have a lot of opportunities to meet you all at festivals and markets across Europe and abroad. We are sure our disappointment is nothing compared to what many of you are feeling and experiencing in these turbulent, murky days.

Yet here we are in the age of social distancing and isolation. The fallout is widespread and we can’t see all the consequences yet. But it does give us opportunities for creating spaces, conversations, even opportunities to start prototyping for our future. 

We want to hear from you, get to know each other, be in digital contact despite social distancing.

Here are concrete steps you can take:

  • Book an individual consultation.
  • Join our Group Hangouts, every Friday afternoon, 16:00 CEST.
  • Catch the latest on facebook.

And if you couldn’t join us in Berlin:

Here is a link to the audiofile from our launch and our code of conduct.
Check out photos from our launch and sign up to the network today.