Digital Community: Friday Hangouts

Join us: industry experts and DAE members every Friday for informal and informative discussions on our changing industry.

Hi friends,

We were so excited to meet you all at film festivals, markets and training events in the spring and summer, culminating with a celebration planned for Cannes. While this is now off the table and filed under UNKNOWN, over the last weeks, every. Friday at 16:00 CEST (that’s Berlin/Paris time for those of you playing at home), we’ve been meeting to discuss our work, our lives and start making some plans of how to get through this challenging time and also how to move out of it.

With disruption comes opportunity! As our dear member Martijn te Pas said over on the D-Word. If you’d like to join the hangouts, you’re most welcome!

They are open to members and non-members alike. You can sign up for Friday Hangouts by email (info@dae-europe.org) or register for an online consultation here.