The members network for documentary professionals from inside and outside of Europe.

Welcome to a new chapter for European documentary.

We are a member’s association from all professional fields associated with documentary film. We don’t mind what passport you hold or where you live. We are organised on a volunteer basis by a small group of very passionate people.

DAE’s Top Documentary Tips for the European Film Market

DAE’s Top Documentary Tips for the European Film Market

DAE Talks With: Lea Glob & Apolonia Sokol, Director & Protagonist of Apolonia, Apolonia

But if you no longer fear fire, you can ignite your own flame instead. Ever since she was a little […]

Lisbet’s Legal Doc Column #2

Your Documentary – What are Your Journalistic and Filmic Legal Duties and Rights

Last chance for Sunny Side Discount, Ask-Me-Anything #2, Intl. Doc Consultants Registry  & new website content!

Hello dear DAE members! We hope those of you who participated in the Marché Du Film and the festival in Cannes […]

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