DAE is a brand-new network for documentary professionals.

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But most importantly, you can shape the most important conversations on education, financing and distribution of non-fiction films.

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Welcome to a new chapter for European documentary.

DAE is currently organised on a volunteer basis by a small group of very passionate people. Membership fees are crucial for the organisation to plant its roots, but skillful, resourceful and enthusiastic people like yourself will always be DAE’s greatest asset.



We are building DAE’s network and memberships. New resources and incentives for members will be published frequently.

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    access to our accurate and expert information, data and resources on financing, co-production and distribution; and the most important players and markets in Europe and abroad. Consultations and other knowledge-sharing digital events

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    exclusive discounts and deals on festival accreditations, badges and market fees as well as networking events and content at events all over the world

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    connect you with and offer easy-access to a like-minded group of professionals across the world working with European documentary

    Sustainability & Advocacy

    the opportunity to contribute to and create an agenda for our lobby in 2020

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