The members network for documentary professionals from inside and outside of Europe.

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One of the fastest-growing members networks in the film industry, join 700+ folks working in non-fiction storytelling under the umbrella of our dynamic and modern association. We are organised on a volunteer basis by a small group of very passionate people.

Our members come from all over the world and don’t mind where you live or what passports you carry. It is founded on intersectional, anti-racist, queer-feminist and environmental sustainability principles.
We all care about the future of documentary filmmaking and we work together to defend it.

DAE Talks With: Psychotherapist and Film Producer, Rebecca Day & Drama Therapist, Monica Phinney

All of us who work in the feature documentary filmmaking field are familiar with the personal tolls the work can […]

DAE Talks With: Fan Wu & Venice De Castro Atienza Director & Producer of XiXi

Battles fought again and again, Losses endured, resilience regained.Who comprehends the impossibility to tame a stray. That wild feet won’t be constrained […]

DAE Talks With: Klára Tasovská & Libuše Jarcovjáková – Director & Protagonist of I’m Not Everything I Want to Be

I have climbed a tree, I see beautiful apples I can’t reach yet, but I am closer than Iwould be […]

DAE Talks With: Dávid Mikulán and Bálint Révész Directors of KIX – The Story of a Street Kid

The playground is a nerve-wracking place. There are a lot of assholes. We fight a brotherly fight but it’s nothing […]

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