The members network for documentary professionals from inside and outside of Europe.

Welcome to a new chapter for European documentary.

We are a member’s association from all professional fields associated with documentary film. We don’t mind what passport you hold or where you live. We are organised on a volunteer basis by a small group of very passionate people.

DAE Talks With: Jude Chehab & Hiba Khodr, Director & Protagonist of Q

I heard a story about someone who asked a Sufi Sheykh if he could be his student. The Sheykh responded […]

DAE Talks With: Marie-Noel N’twa & Jerry Kwarteng, Founders of Schwarze Filmschaffende

How we’re financing and producing movies determines who gets to tell the story. And it matters who tells the story. […]

DAE Talks With: Mila Zhluktenko & Daniel Asadi Faezi

About six years ago, Mila Zhluktenko and Daniel Asadi Faezi met as students at the University of Television and Film […]

DAE Talks With: Kumjana Novakova & Guillermo Carreras-Candi, Directors of Disturbed Earth

Usually before July 11, they ask me to cut down the grass around the Memorial. I feel like I’m the […]

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