How to add or update your payment details

Step 1: 

Log into your account with your username and password.

Forgot your password? If so, you can request a new one here.

Step 2: 

Go to the Membership page and click on
your membership type

Quick links to the membership types: 

You’ll see your pre-filled registration form that includes all the information you gave when you first joined. 

Step 3: 

Please take a moment to review and correct any mistakes, and then continue to the end of the form, select your payment method – you can choose between credit card, SEPA transfer, Paypal and manual bank transfer – and fill in your details. 

Last but not least, accept the terms and conditions and the privacy policy and hit the Sign up button. Depending on your payment method you’ll be forwarded to a check-out page to finalise your payment. 

Et-voilà you are all set and will receive a payment confirmation by DAE to your inbox. 

In case of any problems contact us at info@dae-europe.org